How Can I Generate More Bookings For My Vacation Rental?

05/02/2018 | by Andy Moore | Owners



Generating bookings can seem like a long and frustrating task. Not only are you seemingly competing against big named OTA sites but also against millions of people listing their own homes for rent. If you have done this before you also know that renting out your home is a full-time job. It is imperative that you keep the guest happy from inquiry to post departure. But the biggest obstacle of all is housing up a steady supply of direct bookings for your rental. Here are some suggestions to implement to help generate more direct bookings.

Ask For Reviews

Reviews are an excellent way to get great insight and feedback for your rental property. Statistics show how powerful reviews can be in regards to purchasing power. Now a day, it isn’t enough to read about a product or service, buyers want proof from others that the product or service or experience was truly worth purchasing. The more positive reviews you have online the more willing guests will be to book your home. Remember, often times guests are willing to write reviews, they just have to be asked. Don’t miss out on earning more booking by not asking guests to write a review.

Be Open To Shorter Stays

In our experience properties open to shorter stays tend to get booked out more often. Allowing guests to book for 3-4 nights will allow them to book quick trips or last-minute trips in which your property could be sitting empty for. You may think that cost of turnover isn’t worth it but the more guests that book the more reviews you can generate for your property. The more reviews you have the higher you will show in search rankings. Try it out for a few months to see how it goes, over time when you have an abundant amount of reviews you can bump up the minimum night stay and still see plenty of bookings due to the reviews that have accumulated. (Of course, this only applies if you can have shorter rental restrictions. If you are in an HOA check with them to see what restrictions are in place.)

Separate Yourself From the Competition

Create a listing unlike any other, set yourself apart! A key to creating a great listing is professional photos. Guests are more likely to book a home with professional photos than one that does not. Simply because they trust the listing more. Next, invest in products that will create a better guest experience. Consider looking into a Matterport tour of your home. This is a 3D camera that allows guests to virtually walk through your home without having to step foot inside it. Also, try investing in a keyless lock to make check-in a breeze. Or put together a guest pack that is branded towards your unit. We promise they will mention this in the reviews and could potentially turn into a huge selling point for you.

Those are just a few suggestions that can make a big impact on your listing. If you would like to learn more information about generating more bookings or would like to talk about our vacation rental services, feel free to reach out us at 941-782-1559, email us at or simply visit our website here.