Common Guest Complaints: Communication

11/30/2017 | by Andy Moore | Owners

Common guest complaints, lack of communication.

Part 3: Common Guest Complaints

As previously mentioned, many factors play into why guests leave negative reviews and complaints about your vacation rental property. Instead of firing back, it should be your goal to learn from the feedback. Turn that review or the next one into a positive review.

As a recap, potential guests choose properties based on reviews. You can usually expect one or two negative comments but be wary, guests look at a pattern. If they see the same reoccurring problems they may skip your property and book the next. Some issues mentioned previously include cleanliness and uncomfortable sleeping habits. If you have yet to read part one and part 2, you can find the links below.

Complaints happen when properties do not meet guest’s expectations. As much as you think you have made it as perfect as possible there are those guests that have a different idea of perfection. Let’s take a look at part 3 of common guest complaints, lack of communication.


No one likes to be ignored or forgotten about. Imagine if you had just planned a vacation and your 1 day from arriving at the vacation home and haven’t heard a word from the company/owner. What would your thoughts be? I can tell you most guests think the worst…it’s a scam.

Communication is vital to guests before, during and after their stay. Be sure to communicate with a guest before their stay for things such as final balance due reminders, extra amenities that they may want to add to their reservation, arrival instructions, and property information. Be sure your guest has everything ready to go prior to their arrival so no surprises occur. If you completely leave your guests in the dark its very likely their first impression/experience will be a poor one.

Once the guests arrive follow up with them in regard to their stay. Ask if everything is satisfactory with the home and if not take their feedback and improve their stay the best you can. Also, be sure to check in with them prior to their departure to make sure they followed all the house rules or to simply wish them safe travels.

After the guests leave send them a follow-up review link, keep in touch with deals or promotions they may be interested in. The goal is to build a relationship with these guests and create repeat bookings. If no effort is ever made to these guests it is very likely they will never book with you again. So, make sure your guests have all the info they could need, follow up with them before, during and after their stay to avoid any unnecessary complaints or bad reviews for lack of communication.

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