Common Guest Complaints: Inaccurate Information

12/18/2017 | by Andy Moore | Owners

Common vacation rental guest complaints, part four, inaccurate information.

Part 4: Common Guest Complaints

As previously mentioned, many factors play into why guests leave negative reviews and complaints about your vacation rental property. Instead of firing back, it should be your goal to learn from the feedback. Turn that review or the next one into a positive review.

As a recap, potential guests choose properties based on reviews. You can usually expect one or two negative comments but be wary, guests look at a pattern. If they see the same reoccurring problems they may skip your property and book the next. Some issues mentioned previously include cleanliness and uncomfortable sleeping habits, and lack of communication. If you have yet to read part one, part 2, and part 3  you can find the links below.

Complaints happen when properties do not meet guest’s expectations. As much as you think you have made it as perfect as possible there are those guests that have a different idea of perfection. Let’s take a look at part 3 of common guest complaints, lack of communication.

Inaccurate Information

Whether it’s wrong information provided upon check-in or your listing description is off, this could be a cause of a guest complaint and bad review.  Don’t paint the wrong picture for a guest. If you list your property possessing certain amenities or items, guests expect those things to be there (in working condition) for them to use. Be sure to keep your listing updated, if items get removed or updates occur at your property be sure to record these things to reflect on your marketing efforts. Also, be sure to inform guests of any community amenities available/not available for them during their stay. Many times guests are looking for a resort style community and are expecting those amenities to be available to use. Be clear on whether or not additional fees occur or if amenities are unavailable during their stay. The more accurate your listing is the fewer questions that will arise.

Double check your listing and information provided, is there anything misinforming? Do your bedrooms state a king size bed but the true size is queen? While these are small errors this could impact your guest in a negative way. Also, check your directions and check in/ out procedures. Are they clear? Many times guests have a complicated time with directions provided and start their vacation off with a rough start. Offer maps to guests to make things easier or GPS directions from the airport to the office/property. These are all things to check to avoid complaints and negative reviews left about your guests stay. If you have any questions about our property management services or simply need advice, feel free to reach out to us. Also, stay tuned for the final part of our common guest complaint series.