Professional Photos For My Vacation Rental, Yes or No?

04/05/2018 | by Andy Moore | Owners

If you are new to the vacation rental landlord scene you may ask yourself the question, “are professional photos worth taking of my home?” While you may think iPhone photos are just fine, you may want to think again. Here at Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals, we understand the importance of professional photos and we’re here to tell you why.

Photo Evidence:

Did you know, professional photos can help you double your bookings? Well, it’s true. Photos have tremendous trust building power. It’s simply not enough to write about how incredible your home is. Travelers want proof! If guests scroll across an amazing listing but then notice the dark, off-centered, blurry photos, they likely will not spend one more second looking at your home. One, because now there’s doubt in their mind and two, they’ll want to see if they can find something better. Professional photo evidence is important, it will help your description come to life. Guests will be able to picture themselves in the home. They’ll believe that your home is as great as you say it is and there will be no room for doubt.


Lighting is Everything:

As research has shown, you only have seconds to catch a users attention before they scroll off to the next listing. Unless you are a photographer your pictures will never stand out over those that are professionally taken. (No matter how great of a picture taker you think you are.)  Photos taken by homeowners off of a phone or low-quality camera tend to come off as dull looking. Nothing pops in the picture and it usually doesn’t portray the space positively. Along with the dullness, lighting and angles can truly affect the way your home comes across in a picture as well. Photos with dark lighting or poor angle choice can make your home feel closed off and gloomy.  Whereas pictures that are professionally done feel bright and spacious. Details are important, and it’s important to showcase those details in the best way possible. With bright, high quality, crisp photos.


Professional Vs Average Joe:

Professional photos build added trust by showcasing to the guests that you truly care about your home and the vacation rental industry. You are not just the average Joe trying to rent out your vacation home for money. Some owners truly don’t care or want to spend the additional funds to differentiate their property. While those owners may still get bookings, they are missing out on additional traffic and potential guests. When guests see professional photos, they understand that you care and put forth the effort to showcase a welcoming space for guests to enjoy.

To Wrap It Up:

High-quality photos will give your home the advantage over the average Joes. Give guests a clear picture of what your home will truly look like when they arrive. It builds that trust with guests and sets expectations for guests before they even book. It’s time to differentiate yourself, get those professional photos done and watch the bookings come in.

If you have additional questions about professional photos or would like to take advantage of our vacation rental management services, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to give you a free rental analysis of your home and explain how our top notch marketing services will create better ROI for you.

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