Common Guest Complaints- Uncomfortable Sleeping Arrangements

10/31/2017 | by Andy Moore | Owners


Part 2: Common Guest Complaints

As mentioned in part 1, many factors play into why guests leave negative reviews and complaints about your vacation rental property. It’s your goal to turn those complaints and reviews into feedback.

Recap, potential guests choose properties based on reviews. One or two negative comments are to be expected but guests look at a pattern and if they see the same reoccurring problems they may skip your property and book the next.

Complaints happen when properties do not meet guest’s expectations. As much as you think you have made it as perfect as possible there are those guests that have a different idea of perfection.  Let’s take a look at part 2 of common guest complaints, uncomfortable sleeping arrangements.

Uncomfortable Sleeping Arrangements

It’s often said that you don’t know a person until you have lived with them.  Same goes for your vacation rental property. As you are not living in the property fulltime, you may not notice when furniture or other items are becoming tired.

Take the time to look at your property and ask yourself do items need replacing? This is especially true for mattresses. One of the most common complaints from guests is a springy, uncomfortable mattress. You may have invested in a nice master bed/mattress for yourself, but have you slept in the other rooms recently? Remember, it is rare that only one bedroom on your property is being used. Guests often choose vacation rentals over hotels as they offer more bedrooms. Guests go on vacation to relax and have a good time, take out the relax part and guests aren’t too happy. Make sure all your beds are comfortable and guests can get a good night sleep.

If your budget does not permit the cost of mattresses, try considering mattress pads to satisfy a guest’s complaint. Often times a thick mattress pad will hold over the guest and allow for added comfort. Although we can’t guarantee they will leave a 5-star review, it may be better than a 1-star review.

Outdated Bedding

Another top guest complaint in regards to sleeping arrangements is outdated sheets, pillowcases, and blankets. When is the last time you bought new bedding sets for your vacation rental?  Normal wear and tear happen over time but this is amplified for a vacation home. Old, outdated bedding is a sign of neglect. Don’t force your guests to use blankets with stains and holes or sheets that have seen better days. This will only reflect poorly on your home and the guest’s experience. Consider updating bedding for guests so they can feel more comfortable when staying in your home.

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