The Benefits of Home Automation- Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals

    Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals is jumping on the home automation bandwagon. Home automation provides great benefits to the owner, manager, and guests. Home automation products now include; Smart locks, which increase accountability and reduce liability.  Smart thermostats, designed to save on utility bills. Window and slider sensors, designed to ensure the AC is only cooling […]

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How does ARDI Protect Your Vacation Rental?

  We are excited to announce we have recently teamed up with Travel Guard, an insurance company that provides accidental insurance to all of our guest reservations. What does this mean for you and your property you may ask? Well, let’s take a look at the benefits our property owners receive from this plan. What is […]

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How to generate more bookings

How Can I Generate More Bookings For My Vacation Rental?

    Generating bookings can seem like a long and frustrating task. Not only are you seemingly competing against big named OTA sites but also against millions of people listing their own homes for rent. If you have done this before you also know that renting out your home is a full-time job. It is […]

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Should I have professional photos taken of my vacation rental home?

Professional Photos For My Vacation Rental, Yes or No?

If you are new to the vacation rental landlord scene you may ask yourself the question, “are professional photos worth taking of my home?” While you may think iPhone photos are just fine, you may want to think again. Here at Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals, we understand the importance of professional photos and we’re here […]

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Common Vacation Rental Guest Complaints Part 1: Cleanliness

  You know the saying, “you can’t please everyone.” The same is true for your vacation rental guests. Everyone has a different view of 5-star service and some may see your property as perfect while others may not. Of course, no one likes to hear complaints or see a bad review about their property but […]

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