Vacation Home Updates: The Importance of Pillow Covers

08/24/2018 | by wpengine | Owners


Written by: Amy Clark | Vacation Rental Property Manager


As a property manager, I am constantly in homes and interacting with guests. I always look for feedback and ways to maximize owner and guest satisfaction. The number one complaint for vacation rentals across the board is the consistency of cleanliness. It is something that is subjective to every guest and every home has its own quirks.

Though it is subjective, it is imperative we are always looking for ways to create consistency with our homes. The item that is utilized more than anything else in a home is the bed. Keeping pillows in tip-top shape can be a challenge.

I recently had an experience at a home where replacing the pillows had a huge impact on guest satisfaction. Upon inspection, I noticed the pillows were a bit worn and discolored and had no pillow covers. I ran to the store picked up some new pillows and pillow protectors and changed all of them throughout the house. I was able to get 14 pillows, including king size and jumbo sizes, for under $100! It was a simple fix that made all the difference in the overall cleanliness of the home. The guests were thrilled to see new pillows in the home and have soft, clean place to rest. I couldn’t help but think that if the previous pillows had protective covers, it could’ve increased their longevity.

The benefits of having pillow covers by far outweighs the cost of getting them. By purchasing the protective covers, you keep the items clean and sanitary, extend the life of items and decrease the chances of dust or any other allergens getting into the pillow itself.

As a company, we are always looking for ways to keep your home in the best condition possible while also minimizing your expenses. If your home does not already have pillow and mattress covers, I will be taking note and reaching out to get all of your beds protected. It is a quick fix that can have a great impact on guest satisfaction and keep the cost of replenishing pillows way down!

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