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Accidental Damage Insurance

What is the Accidental Rental Damage Insurance Plan (ARDI)?

  • ARDI is an insurance plan that provides coverage for accidental damages during your stay at one of our rental properties.

What are the advantages of having ARDI?

  • With ARDI, the cost and repair of covered accidental damage will be handled by us and the insurance company
  • No more credit card disputes

What does the ARDI plan cover?

  • ARDI covers unintentional damage to your vacation rental property during your stay, up to $3,000. Renters commonly use ARDI to cover things like carpet spills, furniture tears, broken lamps and more.

What is not covered by the ARDI plan?

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Intentional property damage.
  • Any pet damage, including damage in a pet-friendly home.

How do I include the ARDI plan?

  • ARDI is required for every reservation at a flat rate of $59.95 + tax. This charge will appear under taxes and fees.