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Vacation Home Vs Hotel Room

If you haven’t noticed by now, vacation home rentals have gained popularity throughout the last few years. It is no stranger to us as of why, but for others, it may be a bit foggy. We want to clear that up and help you better understand the difference between a vacation home and hotel and what would suit you best on your next vacation or business trip.

Space: This is the biggest difference when it comes to renting a vacation home vs a hotel room. The average square footage for a vacation home is 2,000 square feet vs a measly 400 square feet for a hotel room. Why stick with one room when you can have an actual home including amenities you would use at your own home? For you, this means more room for relaxing and of course more privacy.

Price: Vacation homes offer more bang for your buck! The average cost for a 1,000 square foot condo that sleeps 6 guests would run you about $100 a night, the average hotel room sleeps a maximum of 4 and costs about $150 a night. Plus, think about all the money you will be saving cooking your own homemade meals vs eating out every night of your vacation. Spend more money visiting local attractions and events and creating memories that are priceless.

Family Friendly: When was the last time you could fit the whole family comfortably in a hotel room without jeopardizing your personal space? Vacation homes are great for family vacations and group vacations, not to mention your four legged friends can stay as well, just search for pet friendly homes.  No one has to share a bed, closet, or tiny bathroom, and each person will have their privacy. No need to split up into 2 different hotel rooms just search for a 3-bedroom rental and you are bound to find one down the street from the hotel you were searching for.

Extras: Hotels offer many amenities that attract guests but they of course come at an additional fee. Things like WIFI is a must have nowadays and hotels do their best to earn income off of any add on that they can, same goes for parking. I know all those items look great over the internet, but how does that wallet feel after seeing all the additional charges on your checkout bill? Did you know most vacation rentals offer a private pool and spa, free WIFI, free parking, and free movies and games? Why cheat yourself of the extras when you can have it all in one set price? No hidden fees and no hidden surprises!

Hotels are a great choice for those travelers on the go that need a room for a night or two, but don’t make the mistake of planning a family vacation at a hotel when you could find a vacation home just around the corner. It will be your home away from home.

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