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What to Remember When Going to the Beach

Finally planning to take that beach vacation you have been dreaming about all year long. You got the perfect swimsuit, first things first of course, but what other essentials do you need? No worries, we have got you covered. Of course, there are the easy things to remember such as sun tan lotion and swimsuit cover-ups but here are 10 other essential items to remember when going to the beach.

Top 10 Essentials

1) Phone Battery Charger: No one likes a dead phone while at the beach. How are you going to snap that amazing sunset photo on Instagram or listen to your favorite jams? You need back up, and that’s where the phone battery charger comes in handy.

2) Bluetooth speaker: You can’t blast your favorite jams without one of these. Ensure your beach day is filled with all the sounds you love. Breaking waves and beach jams <3

3) Sunscreen Lip balm: You may have remembered the sunscreen but what about the lip balm? No one likes chapped lips. NO ONE! This item is crucial and could create a not so fun day if forgotten.

4) Reading Material: What better way to catch up on your favorite books than at the beach? (There is no better way.) Break out the beach chair and umbrella and vu-la book reading paradise!

5) Wristlet: This item is the perfect for storing your most important items such as license, keys cash and that lip balm. Don’t make the mistake of throwing your small items into a big bag. You’ll never find what you’re looking for without having to dump the whole thing.

6) Snacks: Probably the most important out of all of this is making sure you have food. Sometimes that 2 hour beach trip turns more into a 4-5-hour trip. Which means you’ll be needing to replenish some energy after spending that much time in the sun.

7) Water resistant phone case/pouch: Pretty much all the elements that make up a beach can destroy your phone. Between the water, sun and sand your phone is prone to damage. There is no better way to protect it than getting a resistant phone case or pouch to store it in.

8) Moisturizer with SPF : Although sunscreen is great we must say this stuff is much better. Salt water and the sun dry out your skin, it’s important to use this before and after heading to the beach to revitalize your skin. It also helps keep a tan!

9) Sunglasses: While the beach is a beautiful site to see, you don’t want to spend your time squinting at everything. Pack a pair of  polarized sunglasses to help keep the squinting down.

10) Beach Bag: This is what makes carrying all the items above doable. Having the perfect bag makes a difference. Find one that is large enough for your towels, speaker and snacks and has plenty of pockets for all the other small items.