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Bradenton/Sarasota Boat Rentals & Tours

Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals takes pride in partnering and offering our guests the best packaged deals and services in the area. Whether it is a recommendation or a company we partner with, we understand how important each and every

vacation is. We strive to create the best experience possible for our guests. That’s why we take careful consideration on choosing reputable companies that are going to bring value to our guests experience while vacationing on the Gulf Coast. This week’s featured service is Bluwave Boat Rentals.

About BlueWave Boat Rentals:

Bluwave is our recommendation to you for a boat rental company in the local area. As you may know,  many boat rentals are offered throughout Bradenton and Sarasota but there are a few things that make this company unlike any other in the area. The first being, they deliver boat rentals to ANY boat ramp between Nokomis and Clearwater beaches. This allows guests to choose where they would like to go boating/fishing. This eliminates the struggle of having to find a rental company near where you want to go.  Also, Bluwave does not have strict boundaries for where boat rentals can go. These lenient boundaries even include the Gulf! Lastly, Bluwave permits  overnight rentals. You get to choose how long to keep the boat at your slip/dock. This is a convenient option for guests renting a home with a boat dock. They even offer great discounts for those looking to rent a boat for multiple days.


For those that are not interested in a boat rental but would like to take a tour of the Gulf Coast area, they do that as well! Anything from sightseeing, Eco tours, bachelorette parties, or birthday parties. For more information about

Bluwave Boat Rentals, please visit there FAQ page here. To reserve a boat rental you can do so online by clicking here. You can visit their website at or give them a call at 941-312-1661 or 813-258-9283.

Hungry for more? Give us a call at (941) 877-5588, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.