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Travel Advice to Avoid

When it comes to the vacation you have been waiting for all year long you want everything to be perfect. No problems, no hassle just smooth sailing. Often friends and family and even strangers can give you some iffy travel advice that you probably shouldn’t take. No fear, were here to help you decipher what travel advice you should avoid. Let’s dig in.

“You’re on vacation, treat yourself”

First off, we’ve all heard this phrase, “treat yourself and just live a little”. Which in some ways is true, but most people can’t afford to spend like crazy while on vacation. It’s nice to step a way from reality and splurge on yourself but you eventually have to go back to reality. I’m all about enjoying the experiences but not about that high credit card bill you get afterwards. Instead, plan some of the hot spots you want to hit and set a budget. If you have money left afterwards then you can go and do some of those things that didn’t make the list. This way you are treating yourself and saving yourself the stress of receiving that high credit card bill later on.

“Book the cheapest flight to save some money”

Who hasn’t been told this line before? While it may sound like a good idea to save a little money, it doesn’t always turn out the way you plan. Often the cheapest flights are scheduled for the worst times of the day. Resulting in wasted vacation time. Additionally, during the booking process additional fees are usually tacked on. By the time you’re done it equals to be just as much as any other flight. Not to mention the cancellation policy or request to change a flight is nearly impossible and expensive with cheaper airlines. Instead find the time that suits you best and one that gives you the most time to enjoy your vacation and beware of the hidden policy’s and fees.

“Try to do as much as possible”

This piece of travel advice is probably the worst unless you enjoy feeling exhausted and tired during your vacation. There is no sense in trying to see and do everything, it’s not going to happen. There is simply not enough time. These mini breaks from life are meant to be fun and relaxing not chaotic and rushed. Sometimes less is more. Stick to the wish list you created above and map your days out that way.

“Stay away from strangers”

Although safety is your number one concern it doesn’t mean you should isolate yourself to the point that you will be missing out on the best restaurants and hidden gems of the city. Locals have an abundance of information on where to go and eat. Don’t be the awkward person in the photo to the right. The only way to really get to know a city is if you engage with the people that live there. Just be mindful of who and where you ask questions so you don’t run into any trouble. Don’t be afraid to ask the vacation rental company or hotel staff, the Starbucks barista or taxi driver.