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Questions to Ask Before Booking a Vacation Home

While most vacation homes offer ample benefits for travelers they can often cause plenty of headaches if you don’t book with the right company or owner. Did you know more than half of Americans would rather book a vacation home over hotel. For purposes, such as more space, privacy and lower rates.  It’s vital to ask about rental policies that can vary by company. We have chosen the top 5 questions to ask before booking a vacation home for a hassle free vacation. We’ve also taken the initiative to let you know how our hassle-free process goes as well.

Question 1: What is your check in process and how do I get the keys?

For some of you this question may seem like a no brainer but other travelers may have endured the struggle of checking in at a property. For instance, some companies/owners will just give you a door code, others have a physical office to check in, or maybe keys have been left at the property in a lock box for you to retrieve and check  in is done online. It’s important to question how you are going to get access to the property. As for us we have a physical office you come to register and obtain the keys. From there we give you directions and any information for the home that you will need. The process takes about five minutes and is hassle free.

Question 2: What equipment is available for use?

The last thing you want to do at the start of your vacation is to walk into a home with no cooking utensils, toiletry or towels. Some companies/owners don’t offer the extra equipment to use and it could leave you spending more money than you had planned for. Ask before you book, that way you can plan ahead for items you may or may not need. Here at Gulf Coast all our homes are fully equipped with kitchen utensils including cups, plates and silverware. Our homes also have plenty of towels and bedding for your use and we supply starter rolls of toiletry for your convenience.

Question 3: Where is the nearest grocery market and best places to eat?

When vacationing at a new place it’s important to find out about local attractions and places to eat and shop before you book a home. Sometimes off season rentals will be near marketplaces that are only open a certain time of the year, as the same with restaurants. This is often forgot about until too late. Lucky for us, here on the gulf coast most of our shops, restaurants and grocery stores are open year-round. We also put the nearest and best places to eat and shop in your guestbook at the rental home. Included is a list of local area attractions for those looking for the best hot spots in town.

Question 4: Is there insurance available to purchase?

How often do you drop or break things at your own home? Accidents happen and things go wrong all the time, and it can happen at a vacation home as well. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Purchasing insurance can often be a good option for those traveling with kids or pets. Finding out whether you can purchase insurance is important and is a question worth asking before booking a home. Also, be sure to read about the coverage the insurance offers.

Question 5: What cleanup is expected upon departure?

This is a question you probably don’t think of until you recieve a check out list of procedures. It’s important to find out what is expected upon your departure to avoid any costly fees or charges to your security deposit. Either ask the rental company/owner or make sure to read your rental agreement thoroughly.