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Planning a Florida Wedding

What better place in the world to plan a wedding than Florida!  You have the gorgeous beach sunsets (on the gulf coast), country clubs over looking beautiful scenery and of course plenty of other breath taking venues. Florida is definitely a popular place to hold weddings for a very good reason. It is absolutely stunning, romantic and makes for the best pictures to cherish forever.

Wedding Tips:

For those looking to plan a Florida wedding we suggest a few tips to follow. First off, plan it for the spring time or fall. These times offer the perfect weather for a beach or outdoor wedding. It’s not to hot nor to cold. Summer weddings are gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, but unless you enjoy 90 degree weather to get married in we suggest to choose otherwise. Also, another important factor is planning the right time of day. Be sure to plan for when you want your pictures taken.  If you want those beautiful sunsets in the background of your photos, plan for an afternoon ceremony and evening reception.

Another tip for planning a Florida wedding is to always have a back up plan. This is Florida we’re talking about, it could rain at any point in time. If you plan on having one outdoors be sure to plan for the unexpected. Renting tents as a backup is always smart as well as holding your reception indoors. For guests that forget to come prepared,  little umbrellas or rain covers could be offered just in case. Just be sure to keep an eye on the weather report. Although it may not rain on your special day it is better to be safe than sorry.

The third tip to follow is to look for events,  festivals, and live entertainment going on in the area during the weekend of your wedding. For guests traveling to your wedding the least you can do is offer fun events to do leading up to the big day. This will add a special touch to your guests stay and allow your guests to enjoy fun things going on in the area.  Not to mention events you may want to attend yourself could be going on. Such as live entertainment at a nightclub down the road from your wedding. That would make for a great spot to go after the wedding to continue on the celebration. Sending a quick email with local events will show your guests that you are indeed thinking of them and may also help you plan for a great after party.

Finally the last tip, choose the right venue that fits your interests.  Everybody is different and has different interests. Make sure you and the groom plan a spot together that you both will enjoy. Planning a wedding in Florida can get overwhelming because of all the options you have. So we decided to help, we have listed the most popular places in the Bradenton and Sarasota area to help you plan your wedding. Take a look at some of the great options the gulf coast has to offer you for your big day.

Top 10 Wedding Venues:

Ringling Mansion

Crosley Estate

University Park Country Club

Lakewood Ranch Country Club

Palmetto Riverside Bed & Breakfast

Long Boat Key Resort

The Sandbar

Selby Botanical Gardens

Hunsader Farm

Mixon Farm

Planning Your Special Day

If you plan to have a Florida Wedding make sure to check out our available vacation rentals for your stay on the gulf coast. We also have multiple homes located in the same neighborhood, perfect for those looking to stay close to family and friends. Also, check out our Pinterest wedding board here for great planning ideas.