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Family Fun Golfing In Sarasota

While enjoying your stay in our Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals, we hope you enjoy family fun golfing in Sarasota. Check out these awesome courses for the whole family!

The Fish Hole Mini-Golf

The Fish Hole Mini-Golf is one of our family fun golf courses in Sarasota, technically in Bradenton but still in the Sarasota area. This 18 holes course offers unique attractions like misters, a koi pond with fish of all sizes and colors, and native Florida plants. The whole family will get hooked after playing a round on this adventurous golf course!

Smugglers Cove

If you want to make fun memories with the whole family, be sure to check out Smugglers Cove Adventure Golf! They have an eighteen-hole golf course featuring adventurous golfing through caves, waterfalls, pirate ships and real alligators. You can feed the alligators using cane fishing poles! Each Smugglers Cove location has an Educational American Alligator Exhibit which house twenty to thirty American alligators, so bring the family to enjoy this once in a lifetime golfing experience! When looking for family fun golfing in Sarasota, alligator feeding, and waterfall golfing will be at the top of most kids and young at heart adults!

Evie’s Golf

Another family fun adventure would be Evie’s Golf course. There is a sixty-station driving range with a putting green, a chipping green, and an eighteen-hole waterfall adventure mini-golf course. Evie’s Tavern & Grill and Ice Cream Parlor offer something for everyone. Evie’s is a special place where even your pets are welcome! Let’s not forget about Evie’s Car Wash! While you and your family hit some balls and enjoy an ice cream cone, your car will also benefit from receiving the royal treatment. Of all the places to go in Sarasota, Evie’s will be the most adventurous and fun for all place!