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Get to Know the Manatees In Bradenton

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Florida’s Manatees

Manatees wander the waters of Florida from April through October, as soon as temperatures start to drop, they make their way to the freshwaters of Florida springs, where the temperatures remain constant throughout the year. It won’t feel warm to you, but 70 degrees is perfect for manatees who need that kind of warmness to survive. They are here for survival, so we ask you to observe them respectfully, whether you’re on a manatee swim tour or a solo kayaking trip, look, but don’t touch. There are many ways to interact with manatees; whether it’s by swimming and snorkeling, or boating and kayaking, you can get up close to these marine mammals. If you find yourself in Bradenton during these colder months, you have a good chance of catching a glimpse of these gentle giants. Whether in the wild or captivity, manatees are not a rare sight in Bradenton, Florida.

Manatees in Bradenton

There are various places to see Bradenton’s unique underwater mammals, such as platforms and lookout decks, as well as boardwalks adjacent to waterways. Many adventure outfitters specialize in manatee trips around both Sarasota and Bradenton, either by boat, kayak, or canoe you’ll get a chance to take a closer look at manatees. That being said, there are strict rules and regulations about keeping a safe distance from them because they are an endangered species. The expert guides leading your tours are trained to spot manatees and can answer any question you may have about safely observing them. Book your next vacation to Bradenton with us at Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals for a chance to get close to manatees.