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Kid Friendly Activities In Bradenton, Florida

Have you been trying to plan a kid friendly vacation but haven’t quite found the right place? Bradenton, Florida offers plenty of fun kid friendly activities to do while visiting the area. Whether you like spending your days outdoors, inside, or at the beach your kids are bound to have plenty of fun. Bradenton offers kid friendly activities for all ages and endless fun to create those unforgettable family memories. We have created a kid friendly activity list below to help you plan your gulf coast vacation.

Kid Friendly Activities

  • Everyone knows the #1 reason to visit Florida is for the beaches, and what kid doesn’t like to build sandcastles? Of course, our first kid friendly activity on the list is the beach.  There are so many options to do at the beach to keep kids busy and happy. Packing fun game activities such as a Frisbee, football or paddle ball will keep kids busy for hours.  Also, don’t forget the sand toys to build sandcastles with, that is the funnest part. Your kids are going to love spending the day soaking up the sun. Click here to check out our local area beaches.
  • Another fun kid friendly activity to do outdoors is putt putt golf. Bradenton offers 4 different courses through out the area including Smugglers Cove, 2 locations for the Fishing Hole and Evie’s Putt Putt course. All of the courses are designed differently to offer a variety of challenges and fun for all ages. Putt Putt golf  is great for those kids who love to play sports and enjoy competition.
  • Are you looking for a kid friendly activity that screams adventure? Tree Umph is the place to go. Tree Umph offers a day full of tree climbing adventure and endless fun. You’ll get to spend the day high in the trees zip lining through endless obstacle courses. This fun adventure will leave you feeling accomplished and probably ready for nap. If you and your kids love adventure you must take a look at their website here for more info and pricing.
  • Do your kids love to fish? Or maybe they never have before and you think it would be a fun idea? Well being on the gulf coast you will have plenty of options and locations to choose from. If you you are looking for a fishing pier we suggest the Anna Maria Pier or Bridge Street Pier. These are great locations to guarantee a nice catch. Or if you would rather find a fishing charter you are in for a treat, there are plenty of captains around to take the whole family out.  Here are a few suggestions of our local favorites, Spot On Fishing Expedition, Accurate Fishing Charters and Cortez Deep Sea Fishing. Give your kids and you an experience they’ll never forget.
  • Do you want to plan a kid friendly activity that is more laid back and educational? How about opting in to spend the day at the South Florida Museum. Enjoy a day spent indoors learning about history, visiting the aquarium and stopping by the Planetarium.
  • Do your kids love the ocean? How about enjoying a day spent on the water.  A nice peaceful day of kayaking is always fun, not to mention all of the wildlife you will see. Furthermore, if you are an adventure seeker try renting jet skis for the family or maybe rent a boat to spend the day on. Whatever the option may be your kids will have a blast enjoying the beautiful sights the Gulf Coast has to offer.
  • Last but not least, Mckechnie Field offers a fun environment to catch a ballgame. Many games that are held have fun events to follow after the game such as fireworks or fun game activities. If you are interested in attending a game for the Bradenton Marauders or a spring training game for the Pittsburgh Pirates, click here.  Mckechnie Field is perfect for kids of all ages to enjoy.

With plenty of kid friendly activities to do in the area there is no excuse not to visit the Gulf Coast. Plenty of activities to plan, amazing weather and beautiful vacation homes to rent, what could you possibly be waiting for?  Take a look at our rentals here, we offer homes of all sizes to fit the whole family. Not to mention many of our homes feature a private pool which is great to keep kids occupied while in the comfort of a home. Let us help you plan your family getaway, give us a call today!