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Sarasota Sight Seeing: Celery Fields

Located in south Sarasota, this 300 + acre field is the ideal location for those that love to be outdoors. It’s the perfect spot to get a workout in, walk along the trails, bird watch, and so much more. This field also serves more than one purpose.  It is also Sarasota’s primary storm water collection zone, restored wetland area, birding spot and recreation area.

The history of Celery Fields began in 1923 with the main canals finished in 1926. Many different vegetables were tried on this farm but it was decided to be used to grow prominently celery (hence the name). It wasn’t until 1995 when the production of celery came to halt when the land was sold to Sarasota County.

For those that love a good workout Celery Fields in known for probably one of the few spots in Sarasota that you can get some hill running in. That’s right there is a hill located in Sarasota. Although it is man made, it still counts right? Workout enthusiasts can always be found here training for marathons or simply getting a good workout in. Not only that, but you get some pretty awesome views from 75 feet up. Plus, there are benches located at the tops of hills to take in the breathtaking views.

There are over 210 species of birds at Celery Fields. More than 200,00 aquatic plants and trees that have been planted, and two boardwalks to take it all in. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day bird watching or ready to get a good workout in, this place is definitely a sight to see when visiting Sarasota, Florida.