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Shipsticks: My Experience Shipping My Golf Clubs Across Country

Golfers, feel my pain. I have been half-heartedly attempting to transfer my golf clubs down from my family’s Minnesota home to Florida for over a year now. Each time I go north to visit, I have the intentions on bringing them on a flight home but each time I talk myself out of it.  I dislike carrying my clubs from hole to hole, let alone the idea of trudging them through the airport.

Enter ShipSticks. After learning of the partnership with Gulf Coast Property Management and ShipSticks, I was eager to try the service out.  Could they possibly be the solution to my long distance golf travel problem?

With ease, I went to and filled out my shipment information. I had them pick up my clubs, which my dad kindly packaged, printed the shipping label, slapped on the box, and waved goodbye to. I chose to have my clubs delivered straight to Gulf Coast headquarters in Lakewood Ranch, FL. UPS picked them up the next morning.

Pro Tip: Don’t have a box handy? You can ship your clubs directly in your travel bag or hard case.

One thing that stood out throughout my experience was after setting my pickup & delivery date, I received an email a day before pickup asking if the clubs were ready. This gave me the opportunity to confirm, or reschedule if I needed to – which I found extremely helpful.

A few days later, Front Desk Coordinator Jonelle informed me that my clubs had arrived! There was my box, perfectly intact and ready for me to rip into.

The real bonus was digging through the pockets of my golf bag to see what 16-year-old me left in there.

The entire process went incredibly smooth, and I definitely recommend this service for others. It saved me from additional hassles at the airport, and was an easy and convenient way for my golf clubs to be shipped directly to me.

Thanks ShipSticks!