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Top Travel Tips to Make Traveling More Enjoyable

Traveling can be hard work, especially if you’re traveling with kids and pets. We think vacationing should be fun and enjoyable with no added stress. Whether traveling alone or with your family we have put together top travel tips to help you plan and prepare for your traveling adventures.

#1 Be patient: Your traveling adventures may not go as you planned. So preparing for delays is vital when traveling. This way when your fight gets delayed or you take the wrong route it will not phase you as much. You will already have planned for it. Just remember to stay calm and think positive

#2 Make/Print a list for your belongings: How many times have you left your house and forgot about an important item? Probably most of us. Planning ahead of time will allow you remember the important items such as chargers, camera and important documents. You can find great lists online that will allow you to check off items as you pack. 

#3 Pre-plan Local Activities: Nothing is worse than getting to your destination and being overwhelmed by places to go and see. Pre-plan your activities so you know which ones you would like to do during your visit. Unless you are taking a 3-month long vacation it is impossible to see and do everything that the destination has to offer.  So make sure to pick and choose your favorites ahead of time.

#4 Make photocopies of important documents, you never know when an emergency will arise. You should always make 2 photocopies of all your important documents. One copy to leave with a trusted friend or relative at home and the other to carry with you in case of loss or theft.

#5 Ask the locals: Wouldn’t you want a pro to give you guidance during your vacation? Don’t be afraid to ask the locals where the best restaurants, coffee shops, sunset spots, etc. They will know the best spot and will be more than happy to share it with you. It may surprise you how much you enjoyed the place.

#6 Alert your bank and credit card company: This is an important habit to get the hang of before your travels. Unless you want your debit and credit cards getting declined, be sure to make this call. This is specifically important for those traveling overseas. It will enable a smooth process while on your vacation.

#7 Back up your laptop, cellphone and other electronics: Although planning for a burglary is never thought upon it could happen when visiting a new area. It is important to back up your electronics and always carry those important documents in case of theft. You can back up your files and photos on a hard drive or online with a software.

#8 Slow down and don’t over plan: Nothing is worse than feeling overwhelmed on your vacation. Your vacation is supposed to be relaxing and fun. Don’t feel like you have to spend every waking moment visiting a new place. Slow down and plan for the places you really want to see. Spend some time with yourself relaxing near the pool or on the beach. The goal is to come back from vacation feeling refreshed, not drained.

#9 Packing for a carry on: Some important items to always pack on a carry on are any medications, toothbrush, electronics, and extra set of clothes just in case.  A swimsuit may not be a bad idea if you are traveling to the Gulf Coast. That way you can head straight to the beach while waiting to check in.

#10 Travel More: Stop making excuses on why you can’t travel more, get out and explore the world! Those who wait to travel unfortunately never do. Starting with a weekend trip is always a good idea and allows for a short break from reality to enjoy what this world has to offer. After your weekend trips, plan for a week and before you know it you’ll be across the country for a 3-week vacation enjoying different cultures. That new iPhone or shopping spree can wait, if you truly want to experience all that life has to offer travel more!