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Wellness Retreat In Florida. It’s All Right Here!

There are countless ways to experience a dreamy wellness retreat in Florida. The sunshine state is said to do wonders for your body, mind, and soul. Whether you love trying healthy restaurants, endorphin-releasing exercises, or surrounding yourself with uplifting people, you’ll find all of the above self-care activities on your wellness retreat in Florida! To escape the everyday hustle and bustle, add our favorite self-care activities to your list of things to do on the Gulf Coast.  

Yoga on the Beach

Sarasota and Bradenton are well-known for their wide variety of yoga classes. You can almost guarantee that there’ll be a yoga class next door or on the nearby beach. While there are several Gulf Coast yoga studios, yoga programs, and yoga fitness gyms, our team here at Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals encourages our guests to have an authentic yoga experience on the beach. Professional yoga instructors regularly lead yoga classes on Siesta Key Beach and Turtle Beach. Believe us when we say that there is nothing more relaxing than doing yoga on the beach, with nothing but the Gulf’s waves filling your thoughts. 

Salt Cave Therapy

While dousing your food in salt is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle, sitting in the Salt Room of Sarasota is! Of the many Himalayan Salt Cave benefits, visitors frequently enjoy salt’s positive effect on your lungs, mental health, allergies, immune system, insomnia, and more. Since there is such a high demand for this salt cave therapy, there are several salt caves in Florida that are near our rental homes. All you need to do is sit, or lie, inside of the cave and let the salt do its job! Sarasota’s Salt of the Earth is a beautiful place to start your self-care retreat. The glowing, dreamy rooms will guide you into deep relaxation. You’ll leave feeling better than ever!

Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals boasts homes located near several popular self-care activities. You’ll have a perfect wellness retreat in Florida no matter where you stay. Start by browsing the available coastal vacation rentals on our website. Talk to our knowledgeable staff today for help with finding the best vacation rental for you at 941-877-5588.