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What Should I Pack For My Florida Vacation?

If you have never visited Florida, there is one thing you need to know…pack light clothing! Unless you’re traveling during the 2 months of winter Florida gets (January & February) the weather here will be sunny and warm. Florida days usually consist of 80% of sunshine and 20% rain. Especially during the summers, its rainy season during that time. So, two things for sure, pack light clothing and your rain coat. Of course, there is more to know about packing so let’s look at the top things to pack when vacationing in Florida.

What to pack:

Shorts and more shorts! As I mentioned above Florida rarely has cold weather so there’s no need for those jean pants of yours.  Especially if you’ve never experienced humidity. Jean pants and humidity don’t go well together. To be safe though I would pack 1 pair of jeans just in case the weather decides to be crazy. For the lady’s maxi dresses and sun dresses are also a great item to pack. It’s very light and cool for Florida weather.

Flip flops and sandals: If you plan on visiting the beach at all when you come to Florida sandals are a must. That way you can easily slip your shoes on and off when walking in the sand. Besides the beach sandals and flip flops will be much more comfortable here in Florida. Unless you plan on doing a lot of outdoor activities. Then you may want to pack a pair of sneakers or two.

Don’t forget the swim suits: You simply can’t visit the sunshine state without packing a swimsuit.  Whether you’re visiting a pool, the beach, or one of the many great water parks a swimsuit is a must. Don’t forget about the swim cover ups and for the men an extra pair of clothes for when visiting any of the above.

Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses: These are probably the 3 most essential items needed when vacationing in Florida. Sunglasses and hats will help with driving and outdoor activities when visiting. That way you aren’t constantly squinting to see things. Sunblock is very important if you don’t want to get those awful sunburns that hurt…very bad. Keeping your skin hydrated and SPF proofed in Florida is crucial.

Sleeveless shirts and comfy tees: We promise you when we say sleeveless shirts and comfy tees will be your best friend when traveling to Florida. Not only will these items help you stay cool but they’ll also provide less irritation when your clothes decide to stick to you from the humidity. Plus a bonus factor with sleeveless shirts is no farmers tan!

There you have it, a few important items to be sure to pack when vacationing in Florida. If you have any question about what you should pack on your vacation to Florida feel free to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help.!